My employees clearly know their goals and objectives at work

1 means disagree completely, 7 agree completely

We have written down and shared with all employees our company, team and personal objectives

All of our company, team and personal objectives are well connected to measurable results and metrics

I know well the plans, progress and problems of my employees

We have a good system between me and my people to prioritize their tasks

I have a good overview when my employees tasks are overdue or lagging behind

How often do you give feedback and guidance to each employee?

My people expect more feedback and guidance from me

My people expect more recognition, praise and respect from me

I actively seek input and ideas from my people and listen to them

I have a clear understanding how happy or satisfied each person is in their job

Our people are excited and inspired about their work. It gives them a feeling of personal accomplishment.

Our people have opportunities at work to do what they do best

My people are satisfied with me as a manager, my actions and communication

People here have a good continuous overview of what others in their team and whole company plan, achieve and are challenged with

It's easy for everyone here to give continuous feedback to co-workers, ask them questions, seek answers and give a pat on the back

People here actively engage in giving feedback and guidance to co-workers

Our company does an excellent job of keeping employees informed about matters affecting us

Our company and team status is well visualized via dashboards and real-time reports

How well do you feel you know the company pulse?